Government of the Territory: salary distribution system to serve everyone in the next month

Union Minister of Kurdistan Regional Council held a lengthy meeting on Sunday in Erbil, the new system of salaries. An official source in the Council of Ministers for PUKmedia: The Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Council held an expanded meeting in Arbil on the new system of salaries, where they discussed two important paragraphs or two about it.
The source added: The Search Sort Interior Ministry salaries and Peshmerga in the first paragraph, where it will be sorted forces elements of the salaries on the battlefield against terrorists elements forces not participating in the fight against terrorism, and the second paragraph refers to the deduction of a temporary salary system will see next month's change. The official source said the distribution of salaries in this manner will only during this month and next month will see the system in the distribution of salaries to serve everyone.
This left scores of traffic police officers in the province of Sulaymaniyah Sunday demonstrations in protest against the decision by the Kurdistan Regional Government in reducing the monthly salaries. Witnesses Twilight News told, that they make the demonstrators cut off the flow of vehicle in the 60 President Street in the city.
In parallel, a number of university professors in the city of Irbil Sunday to boycott the official working hours. And professors boycotted the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Education and consistently expressing their discontent towards reducing their salaries because of the financial crisis in the region.
The governor of Erbil Nawzad Hadi, has announced a comprehensive review of market prices and lower rents homes and shops. Hadi said at a news conference in Arbil, said the province decided to set up a number of committees to review market prices and rents homes and shops and all other sectors to undertake research and consultations with the concerned parties and then make decisions in this regard. He added that the financial crisis plaguing the region has affected all members of the community, so it must work to reduce prices in parallel between property owners and sellers. He said they demanded Hadi taxation departments by providing them with sufficient information on the reduction of rent allowances, stressing the need not to stay rent allowances for the role and shops as they were in the past. He also stressed the property owners into account the current difficult circumstances and they must reduce the prices of goods and reduce the percentage of the profit margin, stressing that intolerance seller alone the weight of the crisis because we must reduce the rent.