Kubler: signs of a breakthrough in the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait
Karbala: Follow-up justice - 13/03/2012 -

Visited the UN representative in Iraq, Martin Kobler the shrine of Imam Hussein peace be upon him in the city of Karbala Zarams Monday, accompanied by a government delegation, and met with a representative of the religious Supreme Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai has reached the Special Representative of the Secretary-General United Nations in Iraq Martin Kobler to the holy city of Karbala yesterday morning.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General United Nations in Iraq Martin Kobler during a press conference that the many reasons behind my visit to the city of Karbala, including great respect for this holy city and its culture, history and the second reason is to see and learn about projects of this city and the third reason is to celebrate the International Women's Day, adding that this visit is the first of its kind in the city and that the United Nations has many of the aid they could offer to this city, "
"The city is witnessing a stunning because it receives a lot of visitors, which is also the movement of urban big" and at the Iraqi said Kubler, "The country is a dilemma politically and we look forward to resolve outstanding issues during the upcoming conference and in accordance with the Constitution "and called on the UN representative in Iraq, UNESCO" to cooperate in the reconstruction of Karbala, saying, "We must engage the UNESCO in the reconstruction of Karbala and should set the agenda of work in this regard and we'll discuss that in Baghdad, where we will visit the holy city again and discuss the latest developments matters with representatives of the province, "and about placed seventh item said Martin Kobler that of the main problems experienced by Iraq is the seventh item and we as a UN to deploy are working to get out of Iraq this item by talking with Kuwait and Iraq in order to get out of this country from Chapter VII, explaining The next week will visit the UN to deploy to the border with Kuwait, noting that this problem needs to exchange trust between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides out of them "He revealed Representative internationalist for signs of a breakthrough in the issue of compensation, borders and missing between the two Iraqi and Kuwaiti noting that all of these files must be of the United Nations has a role and cooperation in order to find appropriate solutions "