Experts: penetrate the ration card system caused heavy casualties in the Iraqi economy

02/08/2016 12:01:00 am

He confirmed the economy experts, on Sunday, that the presence of thousands of fictitious names in the ration card system is reflected in the work of state institutions it represents a basic map of the distribution of financial resources, demanding the government put strict controls on "ration program" to stop wasting billions.
The Ministry of Commerce, has announced the presence of more than 814 thousand fictitious name horseshoe on the ration card program, and noted that more than 300 thousand of them over the age of eighty years, unexpected access number to nearly 3 million the name of a fictitious registered illegally.

The economist said Mustafa Mohamed Habib said in an interview for the "long", "The Old ration card system has not been activated and developed over the past years, causing breaking through an easy manner."
He added that the "Declaration of the Ministry of Commerce of the existence of nearly three million fictitious name in the ration card tables represents an economic catastrophe bellowed through which billions of dollars have been allocated over the budgets of previous years and caused heavy casualties in the Iraqi economy."
He explained that the beloved "financial corruption is rampant in the most vital aspects of the state with the absence of regulatory devices, which is based on its assessment of government financial management and directing them towards the right objectives and operations of major embezzlement wasted by the relevant government officials."
He said the "accumulation of corruption and successive rooted in the Ministry of Commerce made it difficult to track its effects and the impossibility return the money wasted as a result of fraud and the creation of millions of fictitious names."
He stressed the beloved "The ration card is the map key state at the moment, whereby the distribution of financial resources to the provinces, ministries and other state institutions are, due to the lack of a census in nearly two decades accurately determine the number of the Iraqi people, individuals and their actual requirement database expenses for the state in all its ramifications. "
He noted that "the discovery of a few cases of corruption does not represent only a fraction of the looting of funds taking place in the country where the drains vast sums up its figures to the budgets of neighboring countries."
It revealed the Ministry of Commerce, on Thursday (RIA 21,216), the presence of more than 814 thousand fictitious name horseshoe on the ration card program, and noted that more than 300 thousand of them over the age of eighty years, and as pointed out that more than 400 thousand have the same circles Information civil cases, depending on the names, confirmed the formation of a committee to audit branches Supply and hold negligent. The ministry said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, "The Minister Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani instructed audited Supply System for pan-provincial data," noting that "the audit resulted in doubts the existence of more than 814 thousand fictitious name horseshoe on the ration card program."
The statement added, "The audit revealed the existence of 327 thousand and 270 people aged eighty years and older, and 461 thousand and 187 persons have the same civil registration services information in different names," stressing that "this requires coordination and checking with the civil registration services after receiving identities ".
The statement noted that "the audit also revealed the existence of similar individuals in the full name and nascent at the provincial level depending on the log and newspaper numbering more than 26 thousand people, as well as duplicate names," adding that "the verification of those names will be through a program linking rules previous data. "
The statement disclosed that "Commerce Minister instructed After this initial audit formation of technical committees for the purpose of auditing branches Supply in the provinces within a period not to exceed thirty days to settle the matter and to hold negligent, employees and agents," pointing out that "those fictitious names cost the state huge amounts of money needed by Categories fragile and vulnerable and bad in society. "
The Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese detection, (January 12, 2016), that the public budget for the current year 2016, has allocated 2.5 trillion dinars for the ration card while the expenses of six trillion dinars, confirmed, "It's not enough," and while denied the existence of the intention of the government to cancel the card ration, the private sector called for the establishment of manufacturing of sugar and oil.
It is noteworthy that the majority of Iraqis are dependent on content provided their ration card in their daily lives since the start of the international embargo on Iraq in 1991 after Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, with an estimated value of these materials per capita in the domestic market by about ten dollars not counting children's milk, while the obtained through the ration card $ 500 dinars, equivalent to $ 0.40.