Jaafari donors: We have a common sense of international responsibility to alleviate the suffering of refugees

BAGHDAD / 02/07/2016 -

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the participants in the donors' conference for Syria to the need to support Iraq and Syria, saying, "We have to make your peoples of the victim in Syria and Iraq are seeing through your help charity on behalf of your own even though they have witnessed abuse Aldoaash who carry some nationalities your own unjustly and falsely.
He said al-Jaafari in his conference "Today we gather because we have a sense of shared international responsibility lies with everyone, and to mobilize international efforts in an attempt to alleviate human suffering protracted for the Syrian people, and continuing for more than five years, the great challenge on the issue of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries Syrian.
"I held the fourth meeting of donors and the flames of the humanitarian catastrophe was still burning in Syria Hasadda with tens of thousands of innocent people, the homeless, and Mahjra millions of Syrians as a result of permanent conflict; and because of the legacy of terrorism Daash, and the victory of the devastation and destruction." And he finished by saying, "as the world is witnessing today there are more than refugees, a Syrian society where there are nearly four and a half million Syrian refugees and six million displaced people in circumstances and conditions tragic as the campus of two million refugee children under the age of 18-year-rights education and health which threatens an entire generation Furthermore for the growing number of people killed since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria and I'm sure that during these words, there are dead and Mahjra and refugees and displaced people in Syria.
"The continuation of the conflict in Syria generates more killing of innocent people, and increases the suffering of the Syrian refugees so peaceful political solution is the best solution, and best suited to end the crisis in Syria, and to address the situation of refugees and displaced people of the sons of the Syrian people. The international community commitment to end the conflict in Syria, and apply what you stated in Security Council resolution 2254 of 2015. " And "we meet in order to provide financial aid for Syrian refugees and the host countries for them, Iraq has initiated since the beginning of the Syrian crisis to provide assistance to refugees, as there is in Iraq, more than 250,000 refugees gave them Iraq's humanitarian aid, also donated in the first conference of donor countries to help Syrian refugees held in Kuwait in January 2013 of $ 10 million, and also donated $ 13 million in the second conference held in the State of Kuwait, as well as in 2014, and devoted part of the emergency budget to support Syrian refugees. "
"In June 2014 Iraq suffered a terrorist attack by Daash terrorist gangs led to the fall of some areas, and the displacement of many citizens from the areas controlled by the terrorist Daash gangs, as there is nearly three and a half million displaced people in Iraq, and more than 350 thousand Iraqi refugees abroad, and reflected the security situation on the Iraqi economy, especially with the sharp decline in the global oil market. "
He believed that "what the world is witnessing today the security situation, economic, and particularly Iraq, and Syria is the result of the control Daash gangs terrorist attacks on areas in Iraq, and Syria and to reduce the suffering of the refugees there should be serious by the international community in the fight against terrorists Daash."
He stressed the need to stop the machinery of death and mutilation returned him an order whatever noting that "funding, the aid is busy developing important humanitarian sectors, and vital to the issue of security, schools, and hospitals important, but thinking seriously to stop the machine of death is very important."