Academics and researchers: Move abandoned the political speeches of the desperation of the reforms and plans for a new phase save Iraq

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07/02/2016 14:14

Long-Presse / Karbala
Counting researchers and academics, on Sunday, that the abolition of the political side of the speeches of the religious authority, shows the "desperation" of the possibility of reform, and planning for a new phase to rid the country of its crises, and considered it "shook her abaya" as a result of lack of political response to it, calling on them to provide "an alternative appropriately and take a historic stance "as it did against" terrorism. "

Researcher: Bookmark plans for a new political stage to rid the country of its crises

The Director (Strategic Studies Future Center) in Karbala, Adnan al-Salhi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The supreme religious authority demanded for more than ten years to reform the political and service caught up and achieve social justice in the country," noting that "the reference in speeches in recent weeks made clear its position on the final course of the country in various fields, and that the apparent dissatisfaction with the government and political performance. "

He said Salhi, that "the abolition of political speeches at Friday prayers and limited to developments and events, is the conclusion of what I talked with the religious authority over the past years, and a sign of desperation to bring about reform in the country," likely that "the reference plans for a new political stage in Iraq, the the persons qualified to have the courage to take the decision, and rid the country of its crises. "

The director (Future Center for Strategic Studies) in Karbala, that "the reference waiting for the salvation of the country from the war against terrorism to take a clear position," returned it "paves the order may amount to a fatwa, as happened on Jihad against al Daash terrorist."

Academic: shaken off her abaya as a result of lack of political response to it

For his part, Director (Center for Strategic Studies in Karbala University), Khaled Aerada, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The religious authority has worked to evaluate the political process and government work over the past years, but politicians and officials have not responded to her,"
Aerada added that "reference speeches at Friday prayers, the last included harsh criticism and intense decision-makers in the country, and that abandoning it is the same as her abaya and raise her hand all the political forces in particular, which was operating under the address and blessing."

He guessed Aerada, that "Iraq is witnessing serious political, security and social events during the next term," blaming "political powers and sole responsibility for that."

Islamic scholar: it is bound to provide a suitable alternative and historically taken a stand

It said the Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ali al-Khuzai, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The supreme religious authority's position became clear about what is happening in the country," expressing his hope that "the deal of reference with all the weight of the packages with the topping for the management of the country they are do not fear nor care about the hoarseness of the voice and reference the masses. "

Promised Khuzai, that "the closure of the reference door, as happened in the past years, and stopped her speech does not work today, because it keeps a defenseless people do not know where recourse, especially the hands of those who arrived to helm the rule of the country's religious slogans, still manipulating them," noting that "the reference is not excused today must be to provide a suitable alternative, and take a historical position, because there Chkhosa vaunted political process in its name and claimed to support them, and they originally sold the country and destroyed it. "

He appealed to the Islamic scholar, reference, that "says her position and be clear and explicit to put points on the characters, as you did before Ulkipaia jihad fatwa against terrorism."

The representative of the religious authority in Karbala, Ahmad Safi, announced yesterday the first Friday (the fifth of February, the current 2016), that the political engagement that represent the visions of supreme religious authority in Iraqi affairs, there will be weekly anymore, confirming that it will go according to the emerging things The required events.

This is the first time for many years that the supreme religious authority in Iraq reluctant to express their views in the political affairs of Iraq through political engagement since, and only where the Friday prayer sermon on only the religious segment.

The representatives of the religious authority in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, Ahmad Safi, was criticized in my speech Friday prayers last two non-officials in successive governments and Iraqi politicians to the advice of the religious authority in response, asserting that the reference may "Bh her voice to no avail," a repeat of inviting politicians to take care of peaceful coexistence, and put their differences aside personal and partisan.