Baghdad Economic Forum

Author: Yasser incumbent

02/07/2016 0:00

Baghdad Economic Forum completed the foundation requirements, which lasted a whole year that was passed to work to join the economic affairs institutions as one of the houses of important expertise needed by the country to contribute to addressing the economic challenges.

Idea of creating a forum crystallized beginning of the year 2015 to emulate the economic regional and international forums in content and content and objectives, join this forum toast variety of experiences of economy, finance and business, and men of business, academics, heads of economic affairs organizations to contribute to the elaboration of clear visions on economic construction requirements and to submit proposals are not binding for the government on the effective solutions to tackle the economic crisis.

Successful start in the first meeting, which was held yesterday in the presence of body Constituent administrative body, characterized the meeting full of harmony and unity of purpose towards contributing to the achievement of the desired economic reform and before taking steps towards economic stability by finding effective solutions on how to deal with the financial crisis plaguing the country.

Although the establishment of this forum came late but a favorable opportunity in the starting its activities in this circumstance that requires a lot from us in order to meet the challenges by working to make a balanced and able to overcome this crisis, which may be transient market. The first task should be focused in the area to contribute to the creation of a new economic culture able to deal with this crisis and adapt to the circumstances and thus the citizen is the first target at this stage we can repel anti waves that are trying to weaken the morale.

We starting to move forward, leaving the account later, Asking how we deal with the stage and the financial crisis that beset the country?

That is not limited role to create a culture and bonds of grabbing of rice but Forum kicks off in his studies and analyzes and recommendations to help the executive and legislative authorities to take the right decisions and is one of the main goals of the forum.