Closing of the Basra International Fair of oil and gas
Saturday February 6, 2016 - 17:00

Basra International Fair of oil and gas sixth
Concluded Basra International Fair of oil and gas, sixth Pencchth, work, continued after four days with the participation of 105 companies from 22 Arab and foreign countries.

Reporter who tow presence at the show and said that the companies participating in the exhibition were mostly specializes in the areas of oil and gas and other companies working in the field of online networks and devices monitor environmental pollution as well as the presence of companies specialized in the field of protections.

Some rooms officials of foreign and Arab companies participating in the exhibition for Mrbd said that the current economic crisis has impacted negatively on the work of most of the companies that were present at the show.

For his part, chairman of the Basra International Fair, Mohammad Sharif, said that the exhibition resulted in the signing of many companies with local and central governments, and also the private sector since its inception, pointing to Mrbd out that the exhibition was a success, and will stage another exhibition begins with the beginning of next April.

To that between the director of the Japanese Mitsubishi company's office in Iraq, Ali Qassem that this exhibition did not participate Beah most well-known international companies which is not the level of demand, attributing the causes to higher rental rates in the exhibition and also poor hotel services in the province, he said the Mrbd.