Security forces announced believer way out families from Joabh east of Ramadi

2016/2/6 8:51 28 visits
Security forces announced the believer the way for the exit of the families of Joabh east of Ramadi
{Anbar: Euphrates News} of the security forces secured the eighth through the band Tel Msheehdh {} for the exit of the families in the area east of Ramadi Joabh center of Anbar province, before the security forces raided her.
The prescriptive eighth band told {Euphrates News} that "the security forces to the first regiment of the brigade 32 band eighth secured through the area {Tel Msheehdh} to facilitate the exit of the families, including the process before entering the security forces have cleared of terrorist Daash gangs."
He pointed out that "the security forces and provided all the needs and means families take out safely from the area."
It is said that, the security forces had yesterday cleared Alsjarih area and access to the area Joabh to begin operations cleared of Aldoaash, within the military campaign carried out by the security forces to cleanse the gray area of ​​the terrorist gangs Daash.
The media war cell yesterday that the heroes of the Army Aviation secured the appropriate air cover for our troops liberated the area Alsjarih since been killed nine terrorists while processing Walker them and killed two snipers and destroy the mechanism of an excavator type and other wheel saloon bearing elements Daash terrorist and killed them within boycotted operations Anbaranthy 55