Labor announces retirement pay of workers on Sunday and Monday
World News - BAGHDAD / justice - 1:40 - 02/04/2016
Called on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - Department of pension and Social Security, on Wednesday, creditors workers from the campaign of cards the "Ki-Card" and "manual exchange" to receive pensions for the months of January and February will be held on the seventh and eighth of February will .oavad ministry statement received ( justice) a copy of it, that "the exchange of workers' salaries creditors of the card holders the {Ki card} will be on Sunday of next week, {the seventh of February will}, in what would be working {manual exchange salaries} Monday {the eighth of February will}" He added that "the amount of pensions transferred to the General administration of the Rafidain Bank for the purpose of distribution in accordance with the dates who identified aforesaid." 8%A9/