12,000 in the Kurdistan Region company refrain from paying taxes

04/02/2016 03:44 | Number of Views: 204

Direction Press / follow-up
MP for the mass change parliamentary Masood Haider, Thursday, all with 12 thousand companies in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to pay taxes, while calling the region the government to be more "stringent" in the collection of taxes from these companies, accused the customs administration not to "transparency" .

Haider said that "there are 25,000 companies in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, 16,000 of them registered company, but four thousand companies, including all pay taxes, and this is a disaster", calling on the Government of the Territory and those responsible to be "be more stringent in obtaining tax of these companies ".
He said Haider, that "the customs revenue is not clear until the other for the Kurdistan Regional Government," adding that "there is lack of transparency in many gaps in customs administration."

He said Haider in the Parliamentary Finance Committee, a member of that "austerity measures taken by the Kurdistan Regional Government necessary for running the region that", calling for the Government of the region to "the need to look for other alternative sources."

The Kurdistan Regional Government decided on Wednesday, reducing the salaries of the staff, while stressing that the distribution of salaries will be, according to the oil resources of every 30 day.