Basra opens exhibition of oil with the participation of 105 companies, management confirms the availability of investment opportunities

The Organization Exhibition Company, on Wednesday, the participation of 105 companies from 22 Arab countries or global exhibition, the sixth oil and gas in Basra aim of introducing inspiring and get jobs and revive the economy of the province (590 km south of Baghdad), while the administration of the province confirmed that the financial crisis the decline in global oil prices had "no effect" on investment opportunities available locally.
This came during the opening of the sixth exhibition of oil and gas in Basra, today, with the participation of 105 local companies, Arab or international, from 22 countries, and continues for three days.
The director of the company (Aprameds), organizers of exhibitions, Mohammad Sharif, "The exhibition aims to familiarize the public sector companies with their counterparts from the world of the private sector to develop the economy of Iraq," noting that "the company aims to attract a thousand companies of the exhibition in the future to activate the economic role of Basra and Iraq in general."
Sharif added that "the company involved in the oil industry equipment, which provided jobs for about 200 Iraqi workers."
For his part, the governor of Basra, Majed Nasraoui, "The investment opportunities in the field of oil and gas available in the province, nothing to do with a decline in oil prices or a shortage of money," noting that there are "projects operate on credit and the other is still in need of a port FAO companies bridge the Shatt al-Arab and desalination plants. "
The Nasraoui, on the existence of "investment opportunities in the field of refineries, where Basra owns the second-largest refinery in the country, the need to develop, as well as investment opportunities in the gas associated with oil, which is still burning area, and the need to detect patches geographic undiscovered for investment."
The OGS economic phenomenon, attracting a large group of Arab and international companies to promote their products and the definition of its potential to gain investment opportunities in the province and Iraq.