Agriculture confirm the presence of 240 investment opportunities and calls for the formation of a national body for agricultural investment

The Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, on Wednesday, on the transfer of 12 investment opportunity just out of 240 put forward to take advantage of more than 10 million acres in various parts of Iraq. The reasons attributed the "low turnout" to the legal obstacles and tribal officials in the provinces, called for the establishment of "agricultural investment a national commission that the fact that the investment law," it is almost a dedicated "to the residential sector.
The Director-General of the Department of Investment, Ministry of Agriculture Abdullah al-Jubouri, said that "the ministry raised earlier about nine million and 900 thousand acres for investment, before it raises to more than ten million acres during the current year 2016". Noting that these "divided into 240 investment opportunity in the whole of Iraq, including 120 where water quotas are available either from rivers or wells watering safe spaces."
Jubouri said that "120 another opportunity related lands a desert where water quotas are not available, but it is arable and require drilling in," noting that "the desert land cultivation costs are high so they can serve as a pasture where the ministry received an initial several offers by foreign firms to invest pasture. "
The Director General stressed that "the ministry referred the 12 investment opportunity just yet in the provinces of Salahuddin and Babil," attributing the reasons for the lack of demand for these opportunities to "obstacles facing investment represented by the laws and the existence of the provinces repellent as well as tribal problems, which rejects some tribal land abandonment under the pretext of being belonging to her ancestors, although it belongs to the state. "
Jubouri said that "the land open for investment map found at the National Investment Commission and its branches in the provinces, as they are on the way land for investors granted," pointing out that there is "a private local investors mechanism through the provision of loans for self-financing by the Agricultural Bank and other facilities."
Jubouri said that "farmers and businessmen Iraqis are still apprehensive about the investment, in light of the lack of seriousness of successive governments after 2003, with the support of outputs or local agricultural products as a result of the entry of foreign counterparts without censorship and illegally, and at very low prices can not compete," calling "local product support by raising taxes and customs duties on the value of imported goods."
He stressed Jubouri that "there is an urgent need for the establishment of agricultural investment and private national body, especially the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, it is almost dedicated to investments in the residential sector."
It is noteworthy that the report internationally censorship revealed in (the twentieth of January 2016), about "suspicions of corruption and neglect of" billions of dinars into contracts and the ministries of agriculture and water resources, as a result of the uncertainty of the "sedate or specialty" executed or "lack of seriousness" in the follow-up firms and the right to take legal action, returned to it as a "waste" of public money and the "loss" to the economic development opportunities that could have been contributed by established in the case of completed projects as planned and Baltoukitat occasion.