Judiciary: private banks began to pay Gramadtha by 10 billion dinars per month

Proclaimed the cover of integrity, money laundering and economic crime in the Baghdad court on Wednesday, the start of private banks to pay what Bzmtha of fines and benefits Tojerih to the Central Bank of Iraq since last July by 10 billion dinars per month, while confirming that these banks were able to repay 46 billion dinars .
Said Judge Radhi Fartusi The central bank already established a number of cases against 28 banks waged a result of falling into the breaches of the law after discovered by the BSA, "noting that" these banks paid 46 billion dinars, and on more than one batch, which is part of the amounts claim the delay with the benefits of past years. "
Fartusi said that "the remaining owe fines and benefits of up to 191 billion and 551 million dinars," pointing out that "private banks committed by a decision of the Central Bank for payment during the timeframe expires in January of next year."
Fartusi said that "payment by installments received a total of 10 billion dinars per month system," adding that "the obligation to pay begun since last July."