Minister of Planning: Ntmlk ability to overcome the financial crisis in all its dimensions

13:25 4/2/2016

The Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili Iraq's ability to overcome its crisis resulting from the financial decline of oil imports due to falling global crude prices.

Jumaily said in his speech on the occasion of the opening of the Ministry of Planning for the project contact system Alfdaoa between the ministry's headquarters and branches in Baghdad and the provinces that "the completion of this pilot project in light of the exceptional circumstances faced by Iraq and of the acute financial crisis resulting from the decline in oil prices, as well as continuing the battle to liberate our land from Conception Daash, It represents "an important message from the stress which we are able to guide the life paths toward the destination that we want.

"We have the ability to overcome the crisis in all its dimensions," stressing that "the completion of this project and beyond any doubt that Iraq is not the country's poor, though complaining of lack of money in the current circumstances, it is a rich country with a lot of human and material resources that enable him to Facing challenges".

Jumaili and pointed out that "the project done by the cadres of the Central Bureau of Statistics, one of the formations ministry but it is a pilot project related to the establishment of brown basic and developed to shift towards the electronic ministry, the first project of its kind performed in the Iraqi state institutions depends on his work on the use of communication video conferencing system, one of the highest technology and most recently in the world in the field of video meetings and unified communications system. "

Minister of Planning and explained that "this project, which we celebrate by opening day, which represents an important step for the shift towards e-government is part of the simplification of procedures and facilitate access to better services to citizens it offers important facilities in the field of communication video through the center located in the Central Bureau of Statistics and benefit the headquarters of these features in the implementation of all statistical surveys carried out by the machine in all fields as well as the possibility of training of field researchers who hit their numbers in the thousands. "

He stressed that "the training of staffs and researchers traditional methods requires securing a lot of money and effort training and supplies needed by the researchers as it's by taking advantage of this feature, we will not need more money for training purposes, as will the ministry departments can and formations all benefit from the services of this project in the follow-up various projects without having to Alaivadat that costs are also a lot of money every year