Parliamentary Economic: red line staff salaries and can not be compromised

13:47 04/02/2016

Called by the parliamentary Economic Committee Najiba Najib, on Thursday, the government plans to develop economic alternatives to remedy the decline in oil price crisis, stressing that the red line staff salaries and can not be compromised.

Najib said that "the country's going through a very difficult financial crisis due to lower world oil prices and total dependence on the financial revenues and the neglect of the rest of the other sectors."

She added that "Iraq will not be up to this situation dramatically, but there are backlogs and problems in the economic sector have brought the country to a state of austerity.

Najib explained that "the employees' salaries is a red line we were informed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's opinion of the Committee of non-acceptance of manipulating the salaries of state employees."

It is noteworthy that Iraq is witnessing a severe financial crisis after the fall in oil prices significantly large budget deficit in the year 2016, all of this with a high war on terror to liberate the country expenses