Abadi: we can overcome the financial crisis and are facing resistance from corrupt

09:38 4/2/2016
Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with the President and members of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee the measures taken to curb the rampant corruption in state institutions and cooperation between the government and parliament in this area.

A statement by the Prime Minister's Office that he "had been discussing the financial crisis and Strategies adopted by the government to overcome them."

Abadi said that "we can overcome the financial crisis through cooperation among ourselves and there are many measures taken by the government," pointing out that "political disputes and conflicts leading to the work stoppage and adversely affect the citizen."

He said that "corruption has encouraged and factors such as red tape and bureaucracy, there is a strong resistance from the corrupt project simplification of procedures because it reduces the corruption."

Among al-Abadi said "corrupt their arms and possibilities and trying to mix up the papers it is necessary to stop them, noting that there is corruption last is wasting public money" .anthy