Government is the World Bank's Information for freedom and the old economy back to 2014

After placing Iraq in the latest ranking by the Heritage Foundation report
BAGHDAD - promised Shammari:

Questioned the Iraqi government, on Wednesday, international reports on economic freedom in the country, stressing that the last of their information back to the previous year, with eye to development in terms of granting facilities to investors during 2015, called for a parliamentary committee specialized to what it called "rationing chaos economy", and attributed International negative attitudes to the lack of standardization of visions between the state institutions towards foreign issues.

Economic adviser in the government and the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said in an interview with "New Morning", "The latest report issued by the World Bank about economic freedom is not accurate."

Saleh added that "most of the information contained in the report is old and date back to 2014, and published as a private with the previous year."

He stressed that "2015 saw significant developments on the level of economic freedom in various fields", Msttrda "The government went to the granting of licenses to companies and simplification of procedures, as well as to facilitate the many private investment transactions."

Saleh and asserts that "the Iraqi government met with representatives of approaching that issue these reports", warning "we have told them that we need to make sure the information prior to publication, but to no avail," explaining "international body and they do not have any authority over them."

It is noteworthy that Iraq suffers from the global financial crisis because of the collapse of oil prices, forced him to take a series of austerity measures, including investment and reduce unnecessary expenditure budget, currently going to look for other income to support its economy resources.

For his part, he said a member of the economic and investment commission Ali Sobhi al-Maliki that "economic freedom in Iraq has become almost too much, and turned into a sometimes uncontrollable."

He called al-Maliki, MP for the coalition of state law, to "legalize freedoms under the legislation of reservation on the general situation of the country from chaos in conjunction with the financial crisis because of the collapse of oil prices."

He pointed out that "international organizations, especially the World Bank is still dealing with Iraq as a country closed and isolated from the international and regional oceans, and it seems he forgot our exit from the provisions of Chapter VII since 2012."

Maliki also criticized the "lack of coordination in government institutions involved in economic affairs," pointing out that "that led to the incorrect delivery of messages to the outside world."

He said a member of the investment committee in Parliament that "the Ministry of Finance made with information about different current crisis reminded him of what officials at the Central Bank, all of which lead to the destabilization of the trust the official position of Iraq."

Iraq and resolving ranked 13 Arab and world-ranked 171, a ranking of the latest Index of Economic Freedom for 2016, within the 178 countries covered in the report issued by the US Heritage Foundation International.

And support rating of economic freedom index of the ten criteria within the rule of law index and the judicial system of ownership and freedom, and the size of government, regulatory efficiency, and open markets and the freedom of doing business and the freedom to work and bureaucratic business and the cost of completing the licensing requirements and the provisions of labor and freedom of exchange and trade.