Defense announces the arrival of a new batch of F16 aircraft

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 - 7:41

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the arrival of a new batch of US-made F16 aircraft model. According to a statement of the ministry "he arrived on Tuesday afternoon a new batch of the F16 aircraft to one of the air bases, and was received by the commander of Air Force Lt. Gen. Anwar Hamad Amin." He added that "this installment is a sequel to a series of payments that will arrive in Iraq in the near future an update of the contract concluded between Iraq and the United States of America the end of this year." Iraq had received in July first meal of these fighter aircraft consisting of four planes. He announced the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, 13, from last October, said his country would hand over the second installment of F16 jets to Iraq in January 2016 [the last]. Iraq has signed a contract with the US administration in 2011, for the purchase of 36 aircraft from the F-16, as part of the strategic framework agreement between the two countries, received the first batch of them in July and number four aircraft.