Ports announce the accumulation of imported goods near the shelves

Tue, 02 Feb 2016 15:00:53

General Company for Ports, which is based in the province of Basra, announced Tuesday, that large quantities of various types of imported goods accumulated in commercial ports because of the reluctance of traders out as a result of the tariff increase.

The director of the Department of Information and Public Relations in the company Tigers Abdel Moneim net in an interview, said that "the majority of imported goods by commercial ports are not taken out of them, which led to the accumulation of large amounts of goods within ports because traders refrain from customs clearance for refusing to increase tariff customs, "noting that" traders output delay their goods because they expect the government to back down on the application of the tariff law, as happened a few months ago. "

Safi said that "the majority of the various goods stacked in buffered ports in containers for shipping, as there are in the commercial port stronghold 32 refrigerated truck loaded with a large amount of perishable food items," adding that "the traders responsible for the import shipment also refuse to take it out of the port for not accepting fees new customs. "

Net and stressed that "the General Company for Ports is not responsible for customs procedures," noting that "increasing the tariff damaged ports and caused job losses for the company in light of the low numbers of migrant ships."

The Ministry of Finance beginning in November of last month, decided to start applying the tariff law and increasing the sales tax on imported goods by all border crossing points, and led in time to the injury of border crossings in Basra complete paralysis pay the provincial council to make a decision to wait in the application law.

Then Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued a similar decision, but the General Budget Law for the current year 2016 included an article stating on the application of the tariff law and increase the sales tax at all border crossing points, including that fall within the Kurdistan region, but it has not committed to do so when the application a few days ago, which threatens the emergence of a new dispute between the local government in Basra, which refuses to apply the law unless it also performs in the region ports, and between the federal government, which insists on its application motivated to achieve additional revenue alleviate financial distress.

The province of Basra has five active commercial ports frequented by dozens of foreign ships per month, is the stronghold of the Abu Flus and Khor Al-Zubair ports of Umm northern and southern palace, as Safwan only port land is located between Iraq and Kuwait in the province, and also of Basra includes an outlet border ground with Iran is located in the party east to spend the Shatt al-Arab, and those border crossings supply the revenue the state treasury millions of dollars every week.

Also, trade operations provide thousands of jobs, so the local government is trying since last year to the opening of a border port Berri another with Iran falls within the administrative boundaries in terms of the gap, has received preliminary approval from the Interior Ministry.