"Electricity" calls for investment companies to enter the distribution sector for the purpose of providing energy to citizens at subsidized prices by 94%

February 2, 2016 10:48

It called on the Ministry of Electricity, specialized investment companies to enter the electric power distribution in the capital Baghdad and the provinces sector, pointing out that the project aims to manage loads about the organization of an integrated and consumption for the citizen to the full its share of power.
A spokesman for the ministry Musab teacher in a statement received news agency Buratha "The ministry calls for specialized investment companies to enter the power distribution in the capital Baghdad and the provinces sector," noting that "the objective of this project is to manage loads about an integrated and regulate consumption and sophistication service provided to the citizen through the smart set standards for the citizen gets the full share of electric power, as well as ending Aldhaiat in the distribution process and the collection of wages electric power consumption. "
He said the teacher, that "price tariff for consumption supported by the government and the support rate of up to 94%, which amounts soft citizen can repay," noting that "the ministry is seeking through this project to determine the point of the payment of the electricity service one entity.
An investment company representing the ministry and implement controls and instructions as the ministry aims of this project is to equip these areas for a period of 24 hours, which will contribute to the citizen in continuity through rationing the consumption of electric power. "
The teacher, that "could investment companies visit the website of the Ministry and get a special Apply of the investment process conditions the fact that the ministry intending to deal with a reputable investment companies in order to ensure the success of the project, which hopes through which contribute to solving the power crisis in the country."
The Ministry of Electricity announced, in (January 2016 26), has signed two investment funds new in the field of power distribution, saying that it is seeking through these contracts to end Dhaiat power and control over the collection of consumption wages and provide energy for 24 hours a day to subscribers, with eye to wages calculated that consumption will be supported by 94%.
The Ministry of Electricity has signed, in (January 13, 2016), held its first investment in the field of electric power distribution in Iraq.