UN calls on Iraqis to real national reconciliation


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Georgi Posten government and politicians in Iraq to go hard demanded for the establishment of an inclusive dialogue and real national reconciliation.

He said during his opening acts talk symposium held by the University of Kufa in cooperation with the Mission / UNAMI / occasion of the International week of harmony between religions "that These seminars and meetings that bring together the different spectrums of the Iraqi people, we aim them to strengthen efforts towards inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation and to enable the Iraqi factions to confront hate speech, and promote the concept of national unity.

"He added that" Iraq today is undergoing a comma makes it imperative for all its components go for reconciliation and address legacy of the past as well as the current situation in order to build a promising future for his children, "stressing that" dialogue is a fundamental factor in the construction process and is the responsibility of religious leaders to address religious extremism.

"The President of the Sunni Endowment Abdul Latif Alhmam speech in which he stressed that" Iraq is religions and coexistence warehouse and will deal with terrorism and extremism, and would return Iraq one unified independent and we will build based legal state on the basis of equal citizenship.

"For his part, President of the University of Kufa said in his speech," The University of Kufa, is working to develop and encourage studies and research specialist on the subject and achieve greater convergence among all dialogue religions and sects in Iraq in order to triumph over terrorism.

"The seminar was attended by the Romanian Ambassador in Iraq and patron of the National Evangelical Baptist Church and a representative of the Shiite Endowment and preacher Hadra Qadiriya and a group of clerics from the various Iraqi communities, academics and activists civilians.