Border crossing points: Adharaib on government to import

02.02.2016 at 09:59 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
The head of the border crossing points Maj. Gen. Sami Sudan, on Tuesday, to exempt goods imported by government institutions of the tax system through the border crossing points, and while noting that imports ports on the state treasury will generate large amounts of money.

The Ministry of Finance issued earlier decision imposes on the central and southern regions of Iraq the fulfillment of the commitment of customs tariff with the exception of northern Iraq.

He said Sudan's / scales News /, that "according to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 541 of the 2013 border crossings began on 16/1 the application of the tariff system at ports and airports all."

He added, "It has not been exempt any material enter through the ports," stressing that "the government will be exempt imported materials Chalskair, soft drinks and alcoholic and backup tools and automotive tools, from the tax."

He pointed out that "South and Central ports now applied customs tariff on all imported material system."

The House of Representatives voted in principle, in (7 May 2015), to wait in the application of the customs tariff law, and the decision to provide for the final recommendations to solve the problem of self-funded companies ended 29 quarters e