The United Nations requested $ 861 million for the relief of 10 million displaced Iraqis


The United Nations yesterday launched an appeal for 861 million dollars to help Iraq in closing the deficit in funding to address a humanitarian crisis measures resulted from fighting al Daash, was Iraq, whose revenues declined due to lower international oil prices, he said earlier that he will be able to provide less than half the amount 56.1 billion dollars, a plan to help towards the cost of ten million Chks.oukal Jassim Mohammed dry, and Iraqi Minister of Immigration and Displacement, said in a statement that «with the increasing needs will not be enough specific provisions in the federal budget», adding that «Iraq is expected to contribute United Nations plan in the management part of the necessary funding to cover the deficit in the humanitarian needs ».bdorha, Liz Grand coordinator of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs said it« expects to widen the crisis in Iraq and are getting worse in the coming months »expects about a United Nations flight of large numbers of civilians Mosul when Chen Iraqi forces an offensive to retake the northern city of al-Daash, which authorities have pledged to do this Am.oukalt Grand sources Press «after that appeal in Baghdad launched a number of people in need of help in increasing the amount of resources on the decline, and that there is a big deficit right , what we are trying to do is to clearly identify priorities.