Blending public and private sectors develop the structure of the economy

1/2/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Farah pumice
Promised economic expert blending public and private sectors and strengthen their partnership achieves sophisticated and versatile in the structure of the Iraqi economy, taking special dimensions without ignoring its role as in the previous stages.

A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum d. Akram al-Aqil reported that a change and the diversity of the country's economy is supported by the private sector, hoping to take his deportation in the next stage, without ignoring its role as in the previous stage, giving him the field to participate in the meetings and the decisions of the government's economic aspect, also takes a role in the activity more effectively in the economic order under the leadership of the partnership.

And he saw Al Aqil he can not achieve development and diversity unless mixed public and private sectors in this process, without ignoring the mixed role (and be a role limited to procedural aspects), while the policy is through the development of a strategy to be the private sector where synonymous and participants in economic decision-making.

She drew a member of the forum that the Iraqi economy is a yield privilege and income budget is limited to the oil sector, but Amsar development without this sector, and that all areas of development will depend on him, suggesting at the same time develop a scientific strategy artistic take into account the re-sectoral restructuring of the Iraqi economy, so specialization oil artistically revenues to stimulate these Alqtaat.utabat: «if employed this strategy for a particular sector such as agriculture, industry, tourism and others, according to every sector and every region has its comparative advantage of goods and services that constitute a competitive element rise to quality, will achieve the quality of economic boom , besides that there will be intensification of investments in accordance with the available resources to achieve the renaissance and development ».ogest Al Aqeel to take this strategy into account the three tracks are (individual, environment, economy) and that the actor and permanent element to achieve real development renaissance be, as well as given to the education sector great interest, particularly that he needs to restructure to cope with in accordance with the technical foundations of modernity.