Consensus on the role of the private sector in the face of crisis

1/2/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Consensus on the importance of the role of the private sector in the next phase of the revitalization of the national economy as well as the employment of amendments Investment Law No. 13 Year 2010 in creating an ideal environment for the implementation of projects of high smoothly, as well as the importance of the Chinese Iraqi agreement on the implementation of projects through payment on credit and the role of the Iraqi Media Network in supporting the economy and several axes, addressed the opening of the new headquarters of the Iraqi National business Council ceremony.

The beginning of the ceremony, which was attended by a gathering of government officials and the private sector were the President of the Council welcome David Abdul Zayer, who described the onset of this audience to the stage of a real partnership between the private and public sectors and evidence of government interest in the private sector.

Important projects

He pointed out that the Council made a lot of proposals, which accounted for effective solutions to the problems experienced by the national economy, noting that the Council of its members (240) contributed to the creation of important projects and collaborate with relevant organizations in order to achieve economic viability of the country.

Zayer said that the Board is required to transfer the true picture of the state for the suffering of the private sector from the problems in various industrial and agricultural sectors, export and import, as well as the environment, pointing out that all the problems on a regular basis will be discussed with specialists and experts legislative and executive side.

Encourage national products

In turn, Jawad al-Bolani, chairman of the economy and investment representative pointed out that the adoption of national products in the rehabilitation of the new headquarters of the Council pioneering step in encouraging national products, which would prefer to adopt different institutions, also praised the efforts of the Presidency of the Council and its members Brphi parliamentary committee the task of economic proposals, calling for the need to see the next phase of putting the right person in the right place and be able to manage their money from the state and regular manner that achieves the economic feasibility of spending through the recruitment of human resources in this direction.

Bolani pointed to a number of project proposals for the National Business Council, and that the most important amendments to the investment law and the draft Investors Union law as well as the proposal for the electronic collection, indicating that the activation of agriculture, industry moves Iraq to multiple resources point in time when the economy is in dire need of diversity, pointing out the importance of working to advance the actual investment, especially the agricultural sector, which needs agricultural technologies to be able to achieve self-sufficiency, noting that the situation experienced by Iraq has nearly between the public and private sectors.

He cautioned that the partnership between government and the private sector, resulting in pulmonary help in the establishment of holding companies, stressing the importance of partnership between the media and the private sector, including the Iraqi Media Network for its role in achieving economic development for the possession of the means by which raise the economic feasibility of various projects and product ratios. While stressed d. Sami al-Araji, head of the National Authority for Investment and investors have flocked to Iraq despite the financial crisis, and this is evidence of the strength of the Iraqi economy, as global companies realize the importance of Iraq on the global economic scene. The Council demanded that have an active role in the vast reconstruction operations desired by the country.

Memorandum of Understanding

And signed a memorandum of understanding on the sidelines of the ceremony between the Trade Bank of Iraq and the Council stating lending to members of the council projects and the role of the Council guarantor of loans in front of the bank and drew Hamdiya dry director general of the bank that the bank will support the industrialists who have stopped production lines and who Iromon import new production lines supporting directed activation of local industries .

She Dry: The Council has the project achieved remarkable success in more than one sector of the economy, which needs to be meat between the private sector and government to overcome all the determinants of the advancement of the Iraqi economy.

Wizards of the financial crisis

Jaafar al-Hamdani, head of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce pointed to the presence of multiple processors of the financial crisis experienced by the country due to the decline of crude oil prices, pointing to the existence of more than 200 government-affiliated factory and nearly 2400 privately owned factory, as well as small and medium enterprises can be activated to contribute to the preservation cycle capital within the country and be an important part of the development process sought by the country.

Hamdani demanded more work and efforts to overcome the economic problem, especially as the Iraq work through tribulations tougher on the national economy.

The d. Mehdi al-Hafez lawmaker and former minister pointed out that the time is ripe to unite visions and everyone's contribution to state-building, noting that the council members are able to open a new front for national action, stressing the need to have an active role of businessmen in overcoming the difficulties facing the country's economy.

While detecting d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, prime minister for economic affairs adviser for the conclusion of Iraq and China silk belt Convention, which adopted the oil principle in exchange for reconstruction and construction, investment and development, where a joint committee working on the choice of implementation of 100 projects Anchaaha Chinese side choose Iraq, noting that in order to not be a contract monopolistic entitled to the Chinese side contract with any specialized international company able to enter Iraq and work there, and the right of the local private sector to participate in the implementation of projects. Saleh pointed out it was an important opportunity to build market institutions at a time when they are embarking on the creation of next year, the Council of the Iraqi market, which should be an important intervention unions and professional organizations.

Improved oil prices

He pointed out that we are today talking about this year's economic crisis, but still the state has a large budget and the problem lies in the adoption of 45 dollars to the price of exported crude oil, pointing out that in terms of quantities situation is very reassuring, pointing to a worldwide decline in oil investment and this leads to an improvement in prices oil markets Alaalmih.ofatt that the plan's financial rescue of the state follow-up by the Prime Minister in a short, medium and long throughout the year, pointing to not be underestimated tax as it made during the month of large numbers of sizeable, indicating the possibility of check about 11 trillion dinars and this is a good number. Naseer Al Harthy member of the Iraqi National Business Council stressed the importance of working to unify the visions of businessmen on the logical solutions to the suffering of the country's problems in its financial resources.