Parliamentary Energy: foreign oil companies to extract government is demanding more than 30 trillion dinars as receivables her

2016-02-01 02:12:06 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Detection of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Mazen Mezni, Sunday, that foreign oil companies to extract demanding the central government financial amounts exceed the 30 trillion dinars as receivables her.

Mezni said "foreign oil companies to extract the central government demanding sums of money beyond the 30 trillion dinars have accrued over the extraction of oil from previous years."

"The General Budget Law for the year 2016 the current allocated to the Ministry of Oil 14 trillion to pay off the dues of oil licensing rounds, companies".

"The gradual rise of crude oil prices will not change the economic reality of the Iraqi something as the country's economy depends on oil imports only, without resorting to other areas to earn revenue from."

He pointed out that "the House of Representatives will discuss the final accounts for 2007 during its meeting next Tuesday."