The integrity of Basra collude with Nasraoui to steal public money
Revealed an official source in Basra, Sunday, collusion with the integrity of the Basra governor of Basra on corruption files that involvement by the latter and his body , as he emphasized that the Integrity Commission in Basra manager and some investigators have received large bribes to ensure their silence. The source said in an exclusive interview for "Iraq law," The integrity of Basra colluded and grossly with the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui about the financial and administrative violations in which the involvement of the latter and his entourage, as he emphasized that the Director of the Commission and some investigators have received large sums of money to ensure their silence, he pointed out The integrity of Basra body representing the head of financial and administrative corruption in the province. The source, who preferred not to be named, said the corrupted files serious has forwarded to the integrity of Basra, proving beyond doubt the involvement Nasraoui and a number of those close to him of stealing public money, while noting that the Commission deliberately and flagrantly to delay those files and cover them up, he explained that Authority tried to camouflage the visual through the issuance of arrest warrants for three of the staff of the Office of Basra province, close to the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, but Malbutt that released them after two weeks of detention, despite the involvement of stealing nearly 450 million Iraqi dinars. He continued, that these three employees have made purchase invoices to prove and evidence the size of rampant corruption in the office of the province of Basra, as he emphasized that those bills included the purchase of quantities of mineral water, at a price of 7,500 dinars per pack of mineral water 300 capacity boredom, despite the fact that a single package price does not exceed only 250 dinars, he noted that those bills said the purchase of these amount of Pepsi-Cola and the price of 11,500 dinars per pack, which is no more than the price of 250 dinars on the market, noting that the bills included the purchase of gas hose of gas cooker at a price of 75,000 dinars per meter, which is not exceeding the price for 1,000 dinars in local markets. He added that the integrity of Basra and instead of working on in-depth investigation with all the accounts and audit staff in the office of the province of Basra, who passed these bills, they proceeded to the release of detainees after two weeks of detention. !!! The source, that many files are transmitted to the body integrity Basra without having to take any action in which, as he emphasized that the amounts hospitality and deputations and manipulation of the amounts allocated to projects pedestrian bridges and bridge Zubair file and Company Is International Inc. Aadz and company cleaning Kuwaiti and project Basra satellite channel, in addition to the tens corruption files may parked on the shelves without the Authority to take any action in question, he noted that Nasraoui spending nearly seven billion Iraqi dinars hospitality expense claims to the private office during 2014 only. He pointed to the involvement of the integrity of Basra body to rule arbitrarily against some municipal cutouts managers sentenced to one year and a fine of $ million dinars, under the pretext of not carrying out their duties, although aware of the Authority to issue Nasraoui at the time officially a circular to the directors of those cutouts serving demobilization of workers cleaners those cutouts day laborer. !!!! The Basra Governorate Council announced earlier in 2015, during a session to question the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, on the transfer of dozens of financial and administrative corruption files in which the latter questioned the integrity of the body to Basra.