National Coalition qualify the decision of the three presidencies

Dated: January 30, 2016
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq made a national coalition of Bloc reservation to what is stated in a statement the three presidencies that followed Ajtmallamsae last Thursday with the leaders and heads of political blocs, on "the launch of reconciliation in the liberated areas file and the formation of a committee to resolve tribal conflicts in which", noting that "inclusive national reconciliation file is the only way out of the cycle of conflict." He said MP from the bloc Kadhim al-Shammari, it said in a statement today: "We hope for the best during our presence meeting, which included the three presidencies and the leaders of the blocks in the way of correction of the political process and adjust the compass towards exceeded all had an impact in what arrived in his country's national security decline in economic collapse and infrastructure in ruins and millions displaced internally and externally. "He added that" significantly expanded to activate the comprehensive national reconciliation file and included as a basis for the completion of the amnesty law and the abolition of the accountability and justice and to proceed in dealing with all Iraqis on the basis of citizenship and leave the remnants of the previous stage, which was built on the basis of collective punishment and the exclusion of the other hand. "He pointed Shammari that" political partnership in a broad sense means to contribute to effective and influential of all in the political decision-making and response, confrontation and take responsibility, either the address is Partnership and below built on the basis of exclusivity, targeting, exclusion and harassment, this is only going to further chaos and confusion and mistakes that ominous. "and" What we regret is the insistence of some of the previous policies and the adoption of prosthetic solutions and not to respond to our calls, which are the basis and methodology of the coalition throughout Sneineh and the advertiser them in a more appropriate by the head of the coalition, Iyad Allawi, which Adjana forced to that distance ourselves from so distorted and processors superficial statement expect to stillborn like its predecessors of processors is built on the basis of incorrect or inconsistent with the reality of the problem, ".ofatt Shammari to" keep his coalition on the presidential statement as not more than a dead letter apparent disregard for our proposals which we believe the right solution to the problems of the country ".ccant three presidencies and the leaders of the heads of political blocs after, they met yesterday evening, and issued several decisions, including the allocation of a fund for displaced people and to provide a grant for the returnees to their areas, and to create the atmosphere for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil, as well as agreement on the fight against corruption and reduce the budget deficit, and agree on a vote on the military in the House of Representatives leaders, and the completion of reforms, as well as the formation of a committee to pass important laws National Kahars, and other decisions.