Jubouri hinder the adoption of dual nationality prevent the assumption of positions of sovereign law


Policy Visit accused the parliamentary legal committee, the Sabbath, the Presidency of the Council House of Representatives to "disable" the adoption of some laws, including the dual nationality law, as pointed out that the law is intended to give those responsible for foreign nationality in the event of their job important positions in the country. The decision of the Committee, MP Hassan Turan in a press statement child "Iraq law", that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives crashes pass some laws, including the dual nationality law as well as the cancellation of the Revolutionary Command concerning the governorate of Kirkuk Council resolutions," he said, adding that "sexual Mzodji has read in the House But it was not presented for the second reading of Representatives, despite the completion of the procedures related to the law. " He added that "the law is intended to prevent officials who have dual citizenship, the assumption of the important positions of the State", adding that "they need to renounce foreign citizenship." The parliamentary reform paper presented by the President of the Parliament, Salim al speed up legislation to abandon those who have acquired citizenship sovereign position or a significant security law.