Optical reveal corruption mafias steal $ 312 billion for Iraq


Optical reveal corruption mafias steal $ 312 billion for Iraq published by: Observer in News, 01/30/2016 0 0 Policy visit revealed an MP for the coalition of state law Zainab Arif visual, Saturday, that "corruption mafias" were stolen from Iraq's 312 billion dollars over ten years, as indicated that these funds exist in international banks, confirmed that the current Iraqi government responsible for the recovery of those funds. Basri said in a statement briefed "Iraq law," a copy of it, that "Iraqi funds looted by the mafias financial and administrative corruption over a decade ago found in international banks and the names of senior mafias corruption that still exist under the shadow of political addresses political cover in the political process." She added visual, "These mafias stolen $ 312 billion but are looking for more entitled quotas and sale of ministries and government positions." She emphasized the visual, that "the current Iraqi government bears full responsibility for the recovery of the money looted through the embassies of Iraq and the global legal institutions and Interpol because it funds the Iraqi people who are suffering from the economic crisis, while the sumptuously spoilers money Iraqi oil without the expense or punishment, as long as the quota system and political consensus protect the corrupt. " The Parliamentary Integrity Committee confirmed on Wednesday (January 7, 2016), that the recovery of amounts looted from Iraq abroad are able to fill the budget 2015 budget deficit that followed. It is said that Iraq and the international community demanded earlier to shoulder its legal and moral responsibilities to help him recover his money stolen in other countries.