Reference calls for a contingency plan addressing the serious financial crisis and end the quota system


Friday January 29.2016

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / invited the representative of the religious authority in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai the government to engage the assistance of local and international to prepare a contingency plan to overcome the current financial crisis, stressing the need that does not include the austerity measures of employees and retirees and members of the armed forces.

He said in his Friday sermon a la carte Husseini Karbala: "We have characterized the past few years after the regime change Bhetwala complex crises on the country, and almost afraid crisis even stand another crisis of not less difficulty and intensity of its predecessor, and it was possible to avoid a lot of them if it was in his hand things of the ruling political forces may do good disposition did not Alhthoa behind personal, factional and regional interests, but have made ​​the supreme interests of Iraq and the Iraqis over all other interests.

"said Karbalai:" We do not deny that the mission were not easy and easy, especially with the complexities of the internal situation on the one hand, and the intervention of a lot of foreign parties in Iraqi affairs on the one hand another, but they certainly were not an impossible task, but it was very possible if there had been national sincere will to those who are in decision-making positions to face the problems and overcome them by addressing the roots before they turn into crises suffocating.

"He added:" We have made ​​clear in recent speeches what it takes to overcome the crises the country at the present time of crucial decisions and actions effective, both in terms of the fight against financial and administrative corruption or termination of the quota system in the assumption of government websites or otherwise toNGED need to repeat it on your ears, but suffice here to point out that the financial crisis reached a dangerous level even become hospitals complain lack the necessary funds for the purchase of essential medicines for the surgical procedure and medical supplies availability, and no longer provides a full staff and the salaries of retirees.

"He called Karbalai government to:" use of a team of local and international experts to develop a contingency plan to overcome the current crisis, and to take austerity measures is not against the public the people and the disadvantaged classes not needed in Aazatna fighters in the fronts of confrontation with the terrorists, but for a lot of unnecessary expenses in the ministries and government departments as a section of foreign deputations which would be futile, not to mention soundly in favor of other manifestations. "