Nasraoui announce the formation of the Strategic Development Committee
2016/1/27 19:25

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} announced the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, on Wednesday, for the formation of an ad hoc committee of economic affairs of the province, and the financial crisis faced by the local government called it {the Strategic Committee for Development} goal of a general strategy to expand the imports of the province.
Nasraoui said in a press release and Euphrates News Agency {} received a copy of it, that "the Commission will meet with a number of government departments that have the financial imports and imports in order to maximize the local government in Basra amid the financial crisis facing the province."
And between the Provincial Council Member Basra Juma Zaini said "The Council discussed the issue of forming a committee that already stressed formed some time ago," explaining that "the Committee in its first meeting agreed on the outline, and will hold another meeting; to discuss the sources of funding and fees and collection in order to improve the financial realities of the province, and to give priority to the completion of projects to address the financial crisis faced by the local government of Basra. "
A member of parliament Hamid Charter that "the formation of the committee as a positive step will discuss solutions and alternatives for imports in light of the financial crisis faced by the government," calling on the people of Basra to cooperate with the Commission to address those financial crisis.
He noted economic expert Nabil Jaafar said "The Committee agreed on the two types of plans, including short, long-term and again, and is the first to maximize imports province through the search for sources, new alternatives, while The second plans for activating and strengthening the private sector", he underlined that "there previous studies and plans for the private sector, and it is time to work out to cope with the financial crisis. " Ended h