Iraq: We welcome Argbh tip of Baghdad and to hold a national conference before

SUNDAY, MARCH 11 / MARCH 2012 16:43

Twilight News / shown based E of Iraq, Sunday, welcomed the convening of the great Arab summit in Baghdad, which she believed would restore Iraq to the Arab and regional role, threatening to offer the political crisis in Iraq on the agenda of the summit.

The spokeswoman said the Iraqi List, Maysoon al in a statement reported for "Twilight News" "The list welcomes the Arab summit and seeks to return Iraq to the role of the Arab and regional levels, particularly that Iraq is a founding member of the League of Arab States, and we were against the move away Iraq from its Arab environment throughout the nine years years. "

She added, "That's why we are delighted with this summit, but at the same time we seek to solve the Iraqi issue within Iraq before the summit, otherwise we will have to be presented to the Arab summit to address issues such as other Arab states in Syria and elsewhere."

She Damluji to "We were good Mstbharin resolving the political crisis a few weeks ago from now, but there seems to stall on the issue of a national conference called by President Jalal Talabani and an unwillingness to resolve the crisis before the Arab summit conference in Baghdad."

She drew Damluji to "the existence of some Parties that do not feel the existence of a crisis and you see these parties that Iraq is fully, but these events are not just more political competition, but the reality is that beyond what they are saying much."

The leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi had threatened earlier that in the case is not resolved the political crisis in Iraq, the list will be obliged to submit a memorandum to the Arab League offer a crisis on the Arab summit to deal with crises like in other Arab countries.