Iraq calls on Saudi Arabia to ease the conflict zone and to move away from the policy of axes

He called Planning Minister Salman Jumaili during a meeting with Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Iraq, on the importance of Saudi Arabia's role in conflict mitigation across the region to move away from the policy of axes agreed with [a separate meeting with the US ambassador to Iraq, to ​​launch a comprehensive development plan for the liberated areas.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of Jumaili, "received in his office the Saudi ambassador in Iraq Thamer Sabhan, the two sides discussed during the meeting and the fact that the bilateral relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and the possibility of strengthening cooperation in all fields to serve the peoples of the two brotherly interest ".
The statement quoted al-Jumaili, his emphasis on "the importance of the central role played by Saudi Arabia and its potential alleviation of conflict in the region and defuse the crises plaguing Bdoulha by moving away from the policy of axes and the establishment of cooperation policy instead."
Jumaili also met with the US ambassador in Baghdad, Stuart Jones, and discussed with him the reality of the bilateral relations between the two countries in various economic, investment and security fields, and ways of developing them as well as a review of the security and political developments in Iraq and the region. "
He called Jumaili, according to the statement, the United States to "play an important role in the reconstruction of the liberated areas of Daash," stressing "and must bear the responsibilities of the international community in the reconstruction and work on counter-terrorism."
The statement pointed out that "the two sides agreed on the need to achieve human security through the launch of a comprehensive development plan for the liberated areas, and work to accommodate the human resources to those areas and energies in them to serve the sustainable security of these areas and ensure they do not fall in the grip of terror again."
He pointed out that the meeting was attended by "Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal, Falah Zaidan, agriculture, defense and Khalid al-Obeidi, electricity Qassim Fahdawi" .