Trade to the integrity of Basra: your information late and checked the validity of the asserted Hmolte Canadian wheat

The Ministry of Commerce responded to comments by the Chairman of the Integrity Committee in the province of Basra, Mohammed al-Mansoori, about the presence of Canadian wheat is not valid in the ports, saying it stopped Hmolte wheat to make sure of their validity proven across global company viewfinder.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of it as a "load two ships loaded with suspended wheat for more than two months and suffered major media campaign because of the admission of those ships to Iraqi territorial waters while making sure of their safety," adding that "the Minister Trade agency form of oversight committees and inspection from the Office of the Inspector General and departments Commercial Compliance Auditing qualities of wheat and refer the matter to a third party, a certified global company with standardization and quality control of the Ministry of Planning, who confirmed the success of the laboratory examination of the two ships operations device. "
He explained that "contractual mechanisms between the two sides have been implemented and the receipt of wheat being successfully passed laboratory testing operations."
It pointed out that "modern head of the Integrity Committee too late because the ministry has worked a wide procedures, one of the suspended load despite exposure to numerous media pressure in order to allow them to dock in the southern port, but it is ordered not to enter the territorial waters only after examination by an international body closer and supported in device standardization and quality control, which is one of the largest in Iraq examination centers which confirmed the safety and quality of wheat Iraqi compliance with the regulations. "
The statement called on the media to "ensure food security information from official bodies have the information and the authority to talk instead of that information from, among others lack information and therefore fails to legal and administrative problems."
It noted the ministry, in a separate statement, to "more than 28 thousand tons of cargo ship loaded with wheat Canadian unloading and anchored in the southern port after its success in laboratory testing conducted by the global company viewfinder adopted in Chahar standardization and quality control, which represent a third party in laboratory testing mechanisms within contractual controls. "
The statement quoted Haitham Khali, Director General of the General Company for Grain Trade Agency, saying that "the technical devices in the southern ports was able to unload more than 28 000 tons of load one of the ships moored in the port and loaded with more than 50 thousand tons of Canadian wheat."
He pointed out that "Angels ports will complete Nfad the ship during the next two days and will start unloading the ship Penzaa anchored also at the port, after we confirm the success of the laboratory examination of the material found on the back of the ship process except Inbar one results will appear during the next two days, which made the company involved in the delay Nfad the ship in order to preserve the balance of the ship in the sea. "
The Ministry of Trade revealed on the fifth of this month, all under pressure from, among others [without unnamed] to insert a steamer to the ports of Basra loaded with 50 tons of wheat "doubtful validity" and imported from Canada.
As Alent ministry on the seventh of this month, said an examination of Canadian wheat for late steamer a month ago in the southern ports in Basra province will be conducted by a third party, through the candidate of the Ministry of Planning and the central device to control the quality of the statement suitability for controls companies by contracting with the company processed mechanisms.
The ministry drew to Aachtlav laboratory test results in the declaration of the validity of campaign ship through examinations of the Ministries of Trade and Health, noting that the contract with the company processed mechanisms states to go to a third party to the extent of the authority and referred the matter to the Ministry of Planning and the Central Agency for Standardization and quality control, which in turn referred the topic to four companies to choose one of them to carry out the third examination of the material and the declaration of the final result, ".