Deputy parliamentary legal demonstrate the readiness of the general amnesty law to vote
Tuesday January 26 2016 - 14:01 Write comments

He revealed a member of the parliamentary legal committee smile Hilali said the amnesty law has become fit to be presented to Parliament and then vote on it certain that there is no disagreement between the political blocs on the following clauses agreed upon.

Hilali said in a statement to Radio tow the committee completed its work with the law and paragraphs pointed out that the law in the coming days will have before the Council in order to vote on it after reading earlier.

With regard to the Federal Court Law Hilali that showed disagreement still exists on one paragraph which is related to vote to pass decisions in the court where he sees the Kurdistan Alliance, it must be unanimous among agree other blocs that have passed decisions of the Court majority, adding that the law can be passed in House of Representatives without the consent of the Kurds.