Maysan stores: Securing enough food for four months

Director of the Ministry of Commerce stores Maysan province branch said we have enough food for four months to fill the ration card.

And between the pilot needed Shaher told all of Iraq [where] that "maintaining stores to have enough food for the next four months, as well as that most of the materials used in the ration card is a local-made materials and are subject to standardization and quality control."
He added: "We have of sugar almost 250 000 tons, which is sufficient Iraq share for a period of three to four months, noting that" the arrival of nearly 8000 tons of sugar to Maysan which fills share of the province for four consecutive months, until next April. "
"The oil factories will do in the coming days to support the ration card from the local oil, stressing that" the months that have not been delivered by the citizens of the share of the ration compensation in the amount of 9000 dinars per capita .