Ether and the streets of Kurdistan may devoid of "audio-readable"

Twilight News / caused the financial crisis that hit the Kurdistan Region's retreating prepare press releases read where it is issuing 50 daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly magazine and, after the numbers were up to hundreds.
The captain of journalists in the Kurdistan region of Azad governor Twilight News, "unfortunately did not make the press in Kurdistan, and the agencies responsible for issuing newspapers and magazines had relying on political parties to finance their business and because of that these authorities can not take that."
He added that the owners of capital in the Kurdistan region did not enter the field of journalism, noting that the current financial crisis will push the press we have to look for other alternatives for financing, including investors, traders and owners of capital is linked to political parties.
"At the time when I arrived to prepare winning a work permit 900 daily newspapers, currently limited to the street Kurdish newspaper to 50 because of the financial crisis."
And on the work of radio and television stations, Azad said, "The financial crisis has caused the closure of most of the media organizations."