Alfelaon Kurds in the Iraqi Gazette

SUNDAY, MARCH 11 / MARCH 2012 16:38

Twilight News / Alina has to publish articles on Balchord Faili published in Iraqi Gazette. (Official Gazette of the Republic of Iraq), with reference to that there are other materials which can not publish to the reader that sends us, to be documented to be added to these pages.We would like to draw the attention of the reader that in this paragraph on a single traders Faili in the sixties of the twentieth century and named Faili which indicates the importance of the role of Fayli Kurds in all aspects of Iraq in Iraq's history since there was a state or province, or the Sultanate or the emirate of that name.
CAA General \ law of 29 on 8 - 2-1960
Title: Law and exemption amounts written off uncollectible
Number of articles 19
Name of the people
Council of state
After reviewing the interim constitution and the submission of the Minister of Finance and approved by the Council of Ministers.
Ratified the following law:
Article XV:
Records of the General Directorate of Railways
This amount is about the wages of storage realized by Mr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Karim Faili for the consignment, consisting of (840) bag of seed cotton, weighing (84) tons from Iran to Khanaqin to be transported by Turanci to Beirut has stockpiled this consignment in the warehouse rail in Khanaqin Since 20 and 27 and 29 - 3 - 1954 and because of a flood is then immediately it was not possible to receiver moved to Baghdad in reviewing the Department of Agricultural Extension to obtain the license to cross the consignment to Beirut declined owing to the consideration of this consignment of plant contraband under Law of supply of the plant.
So decided to destroy all the consignment and return no later than two days to Iran have been forced to Moumi him back to Iran has resulted in the survival of the consignment in the amount of rail depots (1092.250) Dinara storage wage cut for this consignment and write off the rest of (892.250) KD.
Legislation then in full:
Number of 1:
Published in Iraqi Gazette 312 on 29 - 2 - 1960.
Constitution \ Federal Iraq
Number (no number) in 1 - 1-2005
Title: The Constitution of the Republic of Iraq
The name of Allah Rahman Rahin
We have honored the sons of Adam
We are the sons of Mesopotamia, the homeland of the apostles and prophets, abode imams pure, and the cradle of civilization, and policy writing, and the pioneers of agriculture, Audhaa numbering on our land, the age of first law and his rights, and in our line of the oldest era just the policy of homelands, and above our soil blessings companions and tutors, and seen by philosophers and scientists and writers and poets excelled.
Recognition of our right of God to us, and in response to the call of our homeland and our citizens, and in response to the call of our religious and our strength of national and insistence of our great and our leaders and our politicians, and central support global friends and Mahbana, crawled for the first time in our history to the polls in the millions, men and women, young and old in the thirtieth of January of two thousand and five AD recalling pains of sectarian oppression by the junta authoritarian, and inspired by the tragedies the martyrs of Iraq's Shiites, Sunnis, Arabs and Korda, Turkmen, and components of the people all of them, and recollecting the darkness seize the holy cities and the South in the popular uprising, and Mktwein of grief Hjn mass graves and the marshes and Dujail and others, and interrogators suffering racial oppression in the massacres of Halabja, Barzan and Anfal and the Fayli Kurds, and Mstrdjaan Massey Turkmen in Bashir and the suffering of the people of the Western Region, like other parts of Iraq from the liquidation of their leaders and symbols, and elders and the displacement of competencies and drying of its sources of intellectual, cultural, endeavored hand in hand, and shoulder to shoulder, to make a new Iraq, Iraq of the future, without sectarianism, nor racist, nor zonal node, or discrimination, and exclusion.
Not Atnna atonement and Alarahab that we move forward to build a state law, and did not stop sectarianism and racism that we walk together to promote national unity, following the path of peaceful transfer of paillasse, and adopt the style of the equitable distribution of wealth, and providing equal opportunities for all.
We the people of Iraq, newly arisen from our disasters and looking with confidence to the future through a republican federal, democratic, pluralistic, we are determined Bergna and women, and elderly and young people to respect the rule of law, justice and equality, and to reject the policy of aggression, and attention to women and their rights, and the elderly and their concerns, and the children and their affairs , spread the culture of diversity and defuse terrorism.
We the people of Iraq which led to all our forms and groupings undertake to decide freely and by choice to unite our future, and learn a lesson for tomorrow Bamesh, and the Sunnah of the system of values ​​and ideals of the heavenly messages and the developments of science and human civilization, this lasting constitution. That adhere to this constitution preserves for Iraq its free union of people, land and sovereignty.
Published in Iraqi Gazette 4012 on 28 - 12-2005
Nationality Act 180 of the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution in 3 - 2-1980
Title: Conditions for naturalization of foreign Iraqi nationality
Number of articles 1
Article 2:
To the Minister of the Interior, to accept the naturalization of foreign members of the age of majority clans (Sura and Miri Alkirkh and al-Zarkoush and Shahi king and the Nagorno-Lus and Faili and Alarcoizih), the following conditions:
A - to be quiet in Iraq for at least (fifteen) years in a row, prior to the entry into force of this decision.
B - not be in his presence in Iraq harm the security and integrity of the Republic of Iraq.
C - The request for naturalization during the period of validity of this decision.
Published in the Official Gazette of Iraq in 2757 18-2 - 1980.