Expert: the Constitution does not allow for the Kurdish issue new coins

Date: 01/25/2016 17:51

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Jabbar said the legal expert Shuwaili, Monday, does not possess the authority to issue the Kurdistan region of cash transaction in accordance with Article 110 of the Constitution, while noting that the federal government alone has the monetary policies of the state fee.

Said Shuwaili told / information /, that "the Federal Constitution stipulates in Article 110 on the responsibility of the central government in formulating monetary policy of the country and the issuance of cash currency and approve the general budget and disbursement shall be the powers exclusive to the Centre nor any province or can the territory of the issuance of cash currency."

"The pursuit of Kurdistan to issue currency will present to legal liability because of clear infringement of the Central Constitution."

The Secretary General of the movement's political development and reform Baziyani Mohammed had called Government of the Territory to issuing special coins in the province to overcome the financial crisis is over 25 K