Tariq Harb: After the publication of the budget: Do not presidents of Representatives allocations and network media and others

Dated: 01/25/2016 Monday 7:09

1/25/2016 7:09
Where the budget has been published in the official gazette number Gazette of Iraq (4394) and Law No. (1) for the year 2016 has turned out that in the budget that is in them, and we will remember nothing of it:
1. ago the new budget from the financial allocations for some positions Kmenesb vice president and deputy prime ministers, as well as free of allocations to some quarters Khkph Iraqi media, although the law came redeploy them, as well as free of the journalists' union, trade unions, clubs and associations, and other customizations.
2. that there is a disparity in the positions contained in the tables of the budget law for example, that the number of top class positions (a), the highest grades in the career ladder after the minister was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (189) position while the fortieth position of the judiciary as a whole.
3. There faculties only among Iraqi colleges Budget Law awarded financial allocations have been allocated 19 billion of the Faculty of Imam Azam and 17 billion for the Faculty of Imam Kadhim took despite the fact that these colleges linked to the Diwan of the Sunni Endowment and the Shiite Endowment in all respects and in spite of allocations due to Oagafin In going forward.
4. We do not know the cause of bearing the Ministry of Finance for the amount of interest amounting to 4% of the total project Basmajh residential loans as stated in Article (7) of the law despite the fact that this project is not of state enterprises.
5. decided to Article 37 of the law pressure measures to expenses and it was necessary to select a specific period to implement those measures its example that the law required to give the Ministry of Aforajh reduce its staff and the closure of some of the some of the ministries Attaches decide that it is the implementation of these measures within a period not exceeding one fiscal year current, which expires on 12.31.2016.
6. law cited some of the provisions that are not related to the budget and the money and the economy likeness of Article (47), which committed a number of authorities to allocate land for the families of the martyrs and political prisoners, and it was necessary to lack of revenue in the law on the annual budget, or at least to make this customization years to include Martyrs the armed forces and security services and the popular crowd and sons areas who contributed to the fight Daash.
7. The budget of the year 2013 as stated in Law No. (7) in 2013 one hundred billion dollars when the price of oil was close to $ cent and the current budget balance in 2016 are close to $ 65 billion, although the price of oil up to $ 30.
8. The financial allocations for the Integrity Commission least allocations in the budget law, reaching 61 billion dinars, while the Electoral Commission allocations of 381 billion dinars allocated to seven times the money the Integrity Commission
9. ironically in the budget law and in the table appended to it that the number of first-class positions in Imam Azam College 34 position while the number of such places in all the judicial power is only one-tenth position.
-10 Although the inspectors general Law No. 57 of 2004 determines the position of the Inspector General in the ministries only, the new budget law decided financial allocations inspectors outside the ministry offices where allocations Office of the Inspector General may be contained in the budget law and not on the side or a circuit that works the provision of allocations for this office and inspectors general who took over the budget allocation of funds to them offices of inspectors working in the Shiite Endowment and the Sunni Endowment, the Board of Christians and collections of other religions and the intelligence service and the institution of the martyrs and political prisoners and the Municipality of Baghdad and the Iraqi Media Network, Hajj and Umrah