Baiji refinery stopped working is a big loss

1/25/2016 0:00

Baghdad Joseph Zayer
In statements to local media ruled out a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery in the near term due to the great destruction caused by the terrorist organization and the fact that «Daash» still exist close to it.

Said Tariq friend: The «Baiji refinery devastated by 70 percent, which means that he is not fit to rehabilitate it and turn it back on in addition to the near organization (Daash) from his place, so ruled out the existence of any action Amendments to this refinery during the current year».

He stressed that the friend «drained stop is a big loss, but it is better to establish a new refineries to the fact that their costs will be less and results worthy of reconstruction».

He said a friend: that the Iraqi government has worked to rebuild and establish other refineries in the south, and there are also proposals for the establishment in the governorates of the Kurdistan region, noting that «during our last meeting with the governor of Kirkuk, there were talks on a scheme applicant and the amount of by the federal government since 2015 to establish a new refinery in the province, but the deterioration of the financial situation in the direct impact of its implementation ». The Oil Ministry has linked increased production of oil derivatives to the rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery and returning to work as a cover half the country's need of derivatives.

Economist has pointed out that the reconstruction of the Baiji refinery process more rewarding than creating a new refinery where they can rehabilitate the affected units and the creation of new units, including no more than hundreds of millions of dollars on the opposite of what is known of the establishment cost refineries that exceed the billions.

Karim Mustafa said in an interview for «morning» that the Ministry of Oil signed a contract for the development of petroleum products in the South Refineries Company set up the fourth unit to produce gasoline card 70 thousand barrels per day at a cost of less than one percent and fifty million dollars. Mustafa and concluded by saying: This unit will serve the rest of the units of the refinery to ensure that the development of production quantitatively and qualitatively, as refinery capacity is 210 thousand barrels / day then we have increased our production by 30 percent. The expert noted that the United States is pursuing the development of its refineries policy substitute for the creation of a new more effective and less costly for being.