Detecting interference Maliki to launch Abadi after being held by an armed militia


Monday, January 25, 2016

An informed Iraqi source said Maliki is who was behind the launch of al-Abbadi of the detention of one faction of the popular crowd to him during his visit to the province of Diyala last week for the situation in Muqdadiyah spend that saw sectarian violence.

He told Iraqi source familiar with (the writings) that one of the factions of the popular crowd Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had been detained to prevent him from access to certain areas in the district of Muqdadiyah witnessed sectarian violence, including four Sunni mosques and Casino and gatherings blow to the people of the component in the judiciary.

He noted that former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has been informed by one of the guards Abadi telephone detained and his life is at risk, prompting Maliki to contact armed team that detained al-Abadi and ordered him to end this process, which was actually the result of Maliki's impact and its relations factions crowd that had worked on the set up and supported financially, politically and militarily under the direction of Iran.

and formed the detention of al-Abadi second Transaction detention exposed her Iraqi official where the armed militia had detained Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban in Babil province south of Baghdad.

Ghabban has arrived in the province of Babylon, accompanied by the provincial police chief and went to hand my father sank to visit the regiment's headquarters in the district and to investigate the cause of the bombing of the Sunni mosque in Hilla, where the regiment operated and controlled by one of the armed militias in the province.

After the investigation ordered by the minister, it has been instructed to arrest a member of the armed militia of the accused and that the investigation into the case has also been detained in one of the cars in preparation for the transfer to Baghdad, but that the minister is confronted with severe rejection and altercations words and engagement hands with a number of his bodyguards before they develop it to the use of arms in return the militia elements to hold the minister Ghabban hostage until the release of the accused.

and after the intervention of Major-General Riyadh Kikhany operations commander in the province has been the release of the Minister for the release of the accused to be able to minister to return to Baghdad amid very discreetly on the incident.