Anbar police announced the arrest of 190 suspects of belonging to organize Daash terrorist

Security declared Anbar police chief Maj. Gen. Hadi Rseg, Sunday, arresting 190 suspects of belonging to the organization "Daash" terrorist in Anbar, pointing to the existence of evidence prove the involvement of the accused of terrorist crimes and will be presenting them to the media later. Rseg said, according to the Sumerian News, "The security forces have since the liberation of the city of Ramadi and even the last few days of the arrest of 190 suspects involved with Daash targeting security forces and civilians in Ramadi," noting that "all detainees wanted to eliminate." He Rseg, that "a commission of inquiry belonging to the Anbar police are investigating with these criminals in accordance with the evidence, probative, and will later display on the media." The security forces managed to free center of Ramadi and imposed full control of it, while the Anbar police received the security file in the city center, yesterday.