Zebari: 2016 will be economically difficult and tough and we can secure the employees' salaries even if oil fell more

01/24/2016 -

Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, said that "2016 will be from the harsh years, economically, and we can secure the employees' salaries even if more oil fell." He said Zebari told a news conference in Baghdad on the occasion of the adoption of the federal budget for the 2016 law, and published in the Official Gazette, that "there are costs to meet the security challenge, and the fall in world oil prices gradually, as the country depends more than 90% on oil resources, "noting that" 2016 will be a difficult and challenging ".ostard Zebari previous year's budget in 2015 by saying that" we managed to go beyond within a year 2015, and Novi all financial allocations of salaries, military, effort, and financial benefits for foreign companies and others. "and that" one of the reasons for our success in the past year is the pressure expenses, where we have provided up to 43 trillion dinars on to finish the year Bmdor financial did not expect the former ".obouksos budget 2016 between Zebari said that "the current budget law where developments and taking into account the collapse of oil prices, and revenues we expected less than the previous year, a 81 Trliuna, and 700 billion dinars, and we adopted a price of $ 45 a barrel, and non-oil revenues are more than 11 Trliuna, and Ajmal expenses 105 trillion dinars, ".oamady saying" we have identified the means of disability coverage, and will cover it from these sources, and we have balances in the ministries Qdrnaha 31 Trliuna, and the issuance of foreign bonds up to two billion dollars ".ostdrick by saying," We need this year to overcome the crisis the issuance of public debt bonds poses to the public, We encourage citizens to take advantage and we have 5 trillion dinars at the Central Bank. "and that" we have also issue bonds and treasury remittances to the government banks, and set off with the Central Bank of Iraq by 7 trillion dinars, which is found, and possible that Nstvad them, and commercial banks up to 5 trillion dinars, and we have a loan from the World Bank and the Japanese Agency, and all these things we can bridge the budget 2016 deficit ", stressing Zebari, saying that" this year is difficult and harsh, and we all have to cooperate to overcome this crisis. "He continued by saying that" the employees' salaries list is estimated at 4 trillion, and 100 billion payable to employees, and at least the revenues that come from oil and customs, this list provides even Ankgel of payment of salaries. "He said that" the government is obliged to pay the salaries of the staff, and if things continue down the price of oil, we will find it difficult to pay salaries, however, we have to provide alternatives salaries for employees ".otoqa Zebari collapse terrible decline in oil prices that will continue, according to all expectations; because there is a recession in except America the global economy, and many of the Gulf states are turning to the removal of subsidies, reforms, and today we are required to establish procedures, and reforms in the economic structures for the country to review all expenses objectively, and not by the reaction of all the procedures must be calculated service to the country ", stressing that" The oil ministry is making tremendous efforts and achieved results in the export, but the collapse in oil prices takeovers. " He pointed out that "we have set the region's share in the budget law, provided the terms of its commitment to Baghdad," noting that "dialogue is but unfortunately does not have a tangible progress between Baghdad and the region."
With regard to the deletion of the grades for the purpose of reducing the number of financial expenses, among Zebari said that "the Ministry of Finance on the delete grades, but this is at the moment considered null and void, and has no basis in truth."