Parliamentary economy warns of most of the projects stopped to refrain from firing their money

2016/1/24 7:23

[Baghdad - where]
The economic and investment commission warned of the parliamentary stop most of the projects being carried out work in Iraq after the implementation of the government's decision not to launch funds projects that the proportion of completed less than 90%.

Said committee member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki told all of Iraq [where] that "a book of the presidency of Ministers arrived in the provincial councils and governors identified that does not release the money to the investment projects in the provinces or infrastructure only after proportions completion of 90%."

He noted that "this decision in the core calls Contractors who have a accomplish less than 90% to demonstrate and claim their rights proportions, which will stop working out final and stop the work, construction and increase the unemployed to stop the need for the workforce movement.

"Maliki stressed" the need to find solutions to these projects tab either advances, grants or other ways to promote, operate and pay money contractors approved.

"The province of Baghdad revealed that more projects stalled due to lack of financial liquidity, though Baghdad has not received allocated to the projects amounts.

The Commission said the economy and investment representative, said that the thousands of projects in the provinces parked for implementation.

The deputy chairman of the Committee to Morshedi The percentage of completion "Most of the projects in poor provinces," stressing the need to "find new ways to implement them and to be led by the minister and the ministry is not just an observer," .anthy 2