Integrity Court stop wasting 600 billion dinars from banks through "clearing"

Saturday, January 23, 2016 - 13:11

Specialized issues of integrity, money laundering and economic crime in Baghdad to stop wasting the court declared amounts Akiemha up to 600 billion dinars. A statement of the judicial authority, the Court of achieving fairness in Baghdad Judge Mohammed Salman, saying that "the electronic clearing system designed to speed up the exchange process instruments, and withdraw money from the banks, whether official or private." He added that "this system has been involved in Iraq during the past period on a number of problems," stressing "the involvement of staff with the owners of instruments withdrawn, and found to be without balance," noting that "it constitutes a crime against the public money." Salman pointed to "a significant decline during the last term rates in these crimes," attributing him to "eliminate the diagnosis of defect clearing, and to inform the banking authorities need to be avoided, has happened recently." He pointed out that the "integrity Court in Baghdad was able to stop the exchange large sums of multiple instruments, including about 600 billion dinars was to withdraw in three batches because of the imbalance in the clearing." The trial judge explained that "the competent court convicted a number of accomplices staff of committing this crime, and various provisions issued against them according to the law." For his part, ligature judge Iyad Muhsin money laundering and economic crime court, according to the statement, that "the breach in the clearing system gets while pass-term approved for reporting the existence of the amount was withdrawn between the two banks without marking it officially." He added that "this process will lead to the withdrawal of funds contrary to the law, as banks can not be retrieved at a later time." "The Iraqi judiciary later many cases of this kind," pointing to "adjust the staff contributed to the withdrawal of instruments even though they know that they do not carry a balance," pointing out that "one of the suits offered on our court we managed to recover the amount of four billion dinars," noting to "arrest the suspects and bring them to the criminal court for the crime of theft of public money." The statement continued, "according to official statistics, last year the fair court in Baghdad, completed three thousand and 298 suit in the role of investigation and 642 suit in the role of the trial at the Criminal Court and 346 proceedings before the competent misdemeanor court, in 3460 issued an arrest warrant for crimes related to public money