Kuwaiti MP: There is a possibility for Sete to write off debts and outstanding issues with Iraq


Denied Kuwaiti parliament member Saleh Ashour, Saturday, and there are pending issues between Iraq and Kuwait, and as he emphasized "no possibility of debt cancellation being imposed by decisions of the United Nations", he referred to his country's understanding of the economic situation, which is going through Iraq and the region as a result of lower oil prices.

Saleh Ashour said in an interview that "files between Iraq and Kuwait have been understanding them and went to the productive stages and there is no relationship between the lateral files," noting that "Kuwait does not vary with the point of view of Iraq in the face of extremism."

He stressed Ashour, that "no possibility of the debt owed by Iraq write off being imposed issued by decisions of the United Nations," pointing out that "most of those debts belonging to companies and citizens, and the remaining terms of the Kuwaiti government, in addition to the debts of Iraqi Airways, which has been understanding them."

The member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, that "the Kuwaiti government has agreed to a request by Iraq to postpone the payment of those debts," asserting that "Kuwait spirit of understanding with Iraq on this file, and estimated the economic situation that Iraq is going through and the region as a result of lower oil prices and the global markets