Cashing in is an easy process…they will comp you, call the quote and tell you what you will receive and we will say ‘I accept”…and that’s how you do a currency exchange. When you do a large exchange, you don’t need serial numbers (except for your own comfort of mind) or receipts…I’ve done it many times and you have to go through the process with social security number…

Your accounts will be insured against the bank going bankrupt – not inflation…it’s sitting there thinking you have your million dollars and a year from now it’s 4% in inflation and your money has devalued. You still have the million dollars but a smarter investor realizes you HAVE TO MAKE THE MONEY WORK…

If the bank is your issue…research the bank before you deposit and make sure it’s financially sound. Smaller are more financially strong…have an accountant look over the bank and every 6-12 months review the banks policy with little fear….that’s the secret: Managing with little fear.

A: If you have the money, buy the bank!!

Q: Relax, take one step at a time…do your homework, invest wisely, make sure you make your money work for you.

Q; What’s these oil companies threatening to get out if they haven’t gotten paid?

A: They’re still doing that with another synopsis at the end of this month – Iraq is under a lot of pressure. Maliki has a lot of pressure…and he has 30-50 people working on it …his days are numbered. The one time I thought we had him is when he hit a goon in Parliament and they went crazy. He may have something up his sleeve, but let’s hope it’s not ore than an hour of our time.

Q: Re: Guru’s and intel about the systems….what about the 136 currencies changing?

A: They don’t have a clue!! All the other currencies and stuff they’re talking about is bs….the actual price is going to change that have been in the system for I don’t know how long….Iraq’s system has been tested since 2006.

Q: What about the buy-sell rate?

A: Buy-sell rates are going to be almost identical….the longer you wait – 6 months down the road – the rate will change and they’ll try to get your money to put in the bank.

Q: Does Parliament have anything to do with the government?

A: That’s done, that’s what the National Meeting is about – they just need to announce it. Maliki’s agreed on everything – he just has to announce it including the Strategic Council…he’s stalling as much as he can.

Q: What about their vacation?

A: It doesn’t matter.

Q: Najafi taking Allawi’s spot?

A: Allawi’s position will be the head of the Strategic Council which is basically taking head of the entire country.

Q: Why the abrupt change with Wells Fargo in the last few days?

A: They all know what’s coming, but the tellers don’t know. Anytime they’re hiding stuff, you know they know what’s going on. They say if we were going to do it, it would take 30 days.

Q: WF has always said they’d offer a bank package and now have mysteriously pulled out.

A: Here they told most people they don’t plan to be in it and it would take 30 days if they did.

They used to say it was a scam. I just know they’re all going to participate. The reason I know these things, I have a buddy who has a million dollars in the bank and they talk to them…not me or you. That’s where the have’s and have not’s come in to play. Don’t worry about it

Q: Prosperity Packages?

A: I don't believe it was started by an attorney and has nothing to do with the dinar. They could have tied themselves to it but it has nothing to do with the dinar.

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