Minister of Finance: 2016 "a year in which people Agat"

economic Dated: January 22, 2016

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq announced Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that the share of the Kurdistan region present the budget law and will not act to him unless the obligation to paragraphs set out in the budget law, and in case of non-compliance will be retained with the money and keep it. "He added Zebari told a news conference Today building of the ministry: "The dialogue between the federal government and the province continuously but without progress" .onvy Minister of Finance government's intention to lay off 200 000 government employees, stressing that this thing is not on the table and not unfounded, and said, "The payroll that link a month The Ministry of 4 trillion and 100 million dinars, stressing that the government is obliged to pay salaries and to have alternatives to meet the amounts in several ways and alternatives to whatever oil prices fell ".obouksos World Bank loan, Zebari pointed out that" the loan received by Iraq before the end of last year's Miliro 200 amount million dollars does not guarantee a condition that allocates $ 200 million of it to repair Mosul Dam, and $ 300 million to the Basra Gas Company, and the rest to support the budget. " The Minister of Finance that "the Ministry has also implemented 63% of the investment and ongoing Almoisntin last for 2015, adding that the oil revenues are limited and must be compensated means and roads all, and must be real action and reform in the economic structure of Iraq and review all these expenses objectively and be counted."